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Op-Ed: Microsoft layoff e-mail typifies inhuman corporate insensitivity
Lee Hutchinson,

Satya Nadella and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop during happier times.As a veteran of the aerospace industry, I’m very familiar with layoff notices. During the almost-decade I spent working for Boeing, I survived probably a dozen major reductions i…

One of the more interesting things being missed in the Microsoft layoffs is that many people are hoping to get picked. It’s the only way to cut the cord, get off the gravy train and go do that startup or move to another company. “Pick me” has been heard more than once.

Does it exist?

I use an Android-based phone. And an iPad. And a Mac. And sometimes a PC.

I’ve tried all the candidates I can find so far and they all fail.

Evernote doesn’t sync between clients in a secure way. And I define secure as “let me pick my cloud service be it Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or other.”

OneNote fails so badly here, the Mac version only syncs with OneDrive. Um…. Simply allow for local file storage and we might have a winner. It’s a great app in many ways.

Outline has no support for tables. That will do it. Still angry it took me $20 to learn that lesson.

IA Writer is a lovely, simple writing tool…. for Mac and iPad. No Android version. Oh… And no table support but the UI is nice enough I could forgive them.

Anyone? And no, Office 365 and Google Apps are a deal-breaker, same reason as Evernote. I want my data where I want it to be.


A chat with Microsoft’s CEO: why Apple and Google haven’t won yet
“Guess what, you’re just not a consumer.”

Good discussion from Satya. I really hope he does turn the ship around. What you use to solve work problems matters and the blending of home/work is still in its infancy.

Email is a 40-year-old technology that is not going away for very good reasons — it’s the cockroach of the Internet.
Jason Hirschhorn, talking to David Carr for his column on the rise (again?) of email newsletters. (via parislemon)

Olive Garden Is Evidence Of A Huge Problem In The Economy
Jillian Berman,

One restau­rant oper­a­tor has just given us a small win­dow into a huge prob­lem with the Amer­i­can econ­o­my.

Dar­d­en Restau­rants, the Orlando-based pur­vey­or of sit-down food chains, announced its fourth-quarter earn­ings on Fri­day,…

It might be the case that declining sales at Olive Garden indicate a reduction in wealth in the middle class. Or it might be that the food is terrible and people are eating elsewhere. Hard to tell from this “article”.


Single motherhood must be a central tenet of the Baptist religion.

And just maybe single mothers correlate to poverty.

I’m no proponent of the Baptist church but let’s do better stats than this.

Check your itinerary carefully. What should be a 25 minute hop from Quepos to San Jose is now a 1:25 jaunt south to drop two people off then all the way back.

The drive isn’t tremendously longer than this. Put in airport wait time and such and suddenly this flying thing makes no sense. Contrast this with the flight in: quick and simple hop over the mountains.

Frankly I’m surprised the cost of av gas warrants this. Gr… The airport is attendant is very helpful and friendly but when booking this flight they should be more clear and tell you “don’t book this flight, it makes no sense”.

(via stoweboyd)

No…. but what we need is a social network that allows for flexible work and personal roles. Especially as more people slide fluidly between jobs keeping a single network that works across multiple personas will be a winner.

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