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Looks like a lovely app. And doing something new in communication is certainly fertile ground for innovation.

But the key problem in voice remains: it’s slow. Try reading a book and listening to an audio book for comparison. Yes, voice conveys things that text and still images struggle with. On the other hand voice struggles to convey as much information as quickly.

Tough challenge, hopefully Talko (really unfortunate as I continually want to say “taco”) has something new to offer.


I got access to Nuzzel today, and it is going to immediately join Flipboard as one of the few apps I religiously use everyday to make sense of my Twitter flow. Nuzzel cross-tabulates my incoming stream of tweets, and yields the stories that a whole bunch of my scene are talking about in Twitter….

Beta request sent. If anything can make Twitter more useful I’m game to try.

This app is lovely to look at and easy to use. Great start.

For the rest of February I will use this and see if I can find the patterns I want to find or if measuring myself is useful at all.

Fitness trackers just aren’t helping. But then again my goals are far more complex than simply “walking more”.

Hey Google Now… nothing says uninstall me faster than hanging on to the GPS when you aren’t open.

What is wrong with GymPact.

I love the idea of this service. I bet money that I will perform a given number of workouts each week, I get paid from the pool of sloths if I hit the mark.

Simple and effective, I definitely did a few workouts when I otherwise might not have.

But here is the issue: the default is $5 for 3 times a week. So betting $15 which is a return of between $1-2. Fair enough I guess, not sure what Gympact’s numbers are like but let’s assume they are returning most of the betting pool and keeping operating costs down.

So if I increase my bet to $10 for 3 times in a week my reward is… $1-2. Huh? If I stand to lose more I should stand to win more. Very simple. Bigger carrots for bigger sticks. And this is what really doesn’t work, the gamification is flawed and it feels unfair. So I stopped.

If they fix that aspect I would use it again, it definitely had some motivational aspects.


I know some of you have been waiting for my thoughts on Dropbox acquiring Mailbox — my apologies, I’ve been sidetracked by SXSW SARS. I also realize I still need to write my longer thoughts about how Mailbox changed my email habits. For now, let me just congratulate the Mailbox team. They built something truly amazing and I could not be happier that the product will continue to live on and grow under the wings of Dropbox.

Many of you know how excited I’ve been about Mailbox over the past several months — and not just as an investor, but as a user. Email has been so broken for so long and these guys were the first ones really thinking outside the — sorry — box. So the success they’ve seen could not be any less surprising. I think Dropbox was very savvy to make this move and I think it seems like a great fit. Now get me a damn iPad client.

Very cool news indeed, two of my favorite apps coming together.

Now just fix the image rendering bug Mailbox and I’d be truly excited. Oh and bump up my quota to 50GB like offers. And a pony.

I installed Circa, the latest hot news app. And it looks and feels good. No doubt about it.

But I don’t see uninstalling Flipboard any time soon. Why? Circa is hand-curated news and a quick glance at their feed shows not a single article I want to read.

Good luck, but without the content, serendipity, and discovery this is pretty limited.



Irvine, CA-based startup Drumbi is today launching its new iPhone and Android app that wants to revolutionize the phone call. With Drumbi you’re now able to specify the topic of a phone call, as well as the location from which you’re calling before you place it. You can also designate the urgency of your call, so that when the recipient answers they’re well aware of the context and other relevant information you would have had to explain anyway. (via Drumbi: Reinventing phone calls by giving them a subject line - TNW Apps)

I like the notion of contextualizing phone calls with metadata, and tying that to the life stream.

Revolutionary? I like new features for phone calls (okay, I hate voice/phone, but bear with me) but revolutionize? I’ve had subject and also rich metadata for calls with Lync (formerly Office Communicator) for years. That didnt make a phone call annoying. And Skype chats escalated to voice more or less have meta data. So tell me how this revolutionizes the call?

Make voice asynch, that would change it. Add reliable video from a mobile (Skype sort of does, FaceTime fails mostly). Make voice more group-oriented, eg integrate with FourSquare.

But adding metadata?

(via emergentfutures)

Project management software is essentially in the same place it was ten years ago. When pushed most people use an Excel spreadsheet (probably after trying Google Docs and realizing it’s not quite there yet). The world is crying out for something better. Is it Podio?