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I looked all through the UI. I searched the Twitter support pages. I searched the Internet and found several people asking the same questions on Quora. But I can’t find a good answer anywhere to such a simple question.

Why can’t I manage Twitter Lists from my mobile device? The more I use Twitter the more I need to segment the feeds. Humor is different than Tech is different than Social Media, I don’t always want them jammed together. My primary use of Twitter is mobile and yet I need to revert to my PC and browser to manage a list.

GMail has a ridiculous default of archiving messages from mobile devices rather than putting them in the trash. First of all there is a setting on the iPhone that says “Archive vs. Delete”. Turns out Google ignores that.

Finally they added this feature in, check out the link.



Irvine, CA-based startup Drumbi is today launching its new iPhone and Android app that wants to revolutionize the phone call. With Drumbi you’re now able to specify the topic of a phone call, as well as the location from which you’re calling before you place it. You can also designate the urgency of your call, so that when the recipient answers they’re well aware of the context and other relevant information you would have had to explain anyway. (via Drumbi: Reinventing phone calls by giving them a subject line - TNW Apps)

I like the notion of contextualizing phone calls with metadata, and tying that to the life stream.

Revolutionary? I like new features for phone calls (okay, I hate voice/phone, but bear with me) but revolutionize? I’ve had subject and also rich metadata for calls with Lync (formerly Office Communicator) for years. That didnt make a phone call annoying. And Skype chats escalated to voice more or less have meta data. So tell me how this revolutionizes the call?

Make voice asynch, that would change it. Add reliable video from a mobile (Skype sort of does, FaceTime fails mostly). Make voice more group-oriented, eg integrate with FourSquare.

But adding metadata?

(via emergentfutures)

Thanks Google, having an app helps. It’s hard to keep my gmail vs apps accounts separate (since Google+ doesn’t support Apps yet).

Pro: the photo integration and upload from my phone is great. Nice innovation.

Con: no landscape mode???