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Pinterest’s Hype Bubble Has Burst, And Now It Is Actually Losing Users

Monthly active users are down from 11.3 million on March 1 to 11.15 million on April 1 to just 8.3 million today.

Growing users is hard, especially when the novelty runs out. But before we all jump on the “bury Pinterest” train it might be useful to see what the numbers look like over the past 6 months. They might very well have a nice growth curve over time but with an odd, media-fueled spike.

Update: read the full article. Classic case where the headline is at odds with the entire piece. Headline is Pinterest collapses, body of the content is similar to my point above; they were growing steadily, had a weird spike, and will probably now get back to business as usual, steady growth.

(via emergentfutures)